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Vinyl Street Level
Preying Mantis
Denver Flash Mob
7:00PM-10:30PM Live Video Mixing by VJ Dizy Pixl
7:00PM-8:15PM double // shadow
8:15PM-9:15PM Dj Ivy
8:30PM-9:30PM Erik Rieger 4th Dimensional Art
9:15PM-10:30PM option4
10:00pm-10:15pm Otone Brass Band

Vinyl Basement
Control Group Productions
7:00PM-10:15PM Local Fashion Designers Market
7:30PM-8:15PM Chella Negro
8:30PM-9:15PM Danielle Ate The Sandwich
9:30PM-10:15PM Kissing Party

Vinyl Second Floor
Hermann West & His Blue Mandolin

Fine Art Gallery - Second Floor
7:00PM-10:30PM Fine Artists

Pool Room
7:00PM-10:30PM Studio 72 Pixel Arcade
8:00PM & 9:15PM Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School 8:20PM-8:30PM Andrea Rose Contortionist
9:35PM-9:45PM Molly McClellan of TribalTique

Vinyl Rooftop Patio
7:00PM-8:15PM DJ Sounds Supreme
8:15PM-8:30PM Xendra Fire Dancer
8:30PM-9:20PM DJ Low Key
9:20PM-9:30PM Team Slam Nuba
9:30PM-10:30PM ProJect Aspect
10:10PM-10:30PM Collaborative Movement Fire Dance

Living Room

8:00PM-9:00PM MasterMinds Ceremony
8:00PM-10:30AM Metropolitan State College of Denver's Student Gallery
9:15PM-10:30PM Drop Logik


Scenes From the Grid: A Photographer's Eye on Denver
9:00PM-1:30AM John Iverson, Sigri Strand, Junichi Arakawa, Jon Rose, Daniel Alexander Orr, Jason Belaire, Nathan Williams, Tya "Eyeni" Anthony and more
9:00PM-1:30AM Interactive Video by Open Media Foundation
9:00PM-1:30AM I Heart Denver Store
9:00PM-1:30AM DJ Clayton Meador
9:00PM-1:30AM Tonyo!

Bar Standard

9:30PM-10:15PM Spires
10:25PM-10:35PM Molly McClellan of TribalTique
10:35PM-11:20PM Accordion Crimes
11:30PM-11:40PM Team Slam Nuba
11:40PM-12:25AM Churchill
12:35AM-12:45PM Mystery Brothers
12:45PM-1:30AM Flashlights

City Hall

City Hall - Street Level
Pop-Ups! Preying Mantis, Collaborative Movement LED Show
Video Art by Peter Strange Yumi
Art and Art Installations by SKAADI, The Mad Tatters Cirquetorium, The Impossible Winterbourne, and The Ladies Fancywork Society

9:00PM - 10:00 PM The Whomp Truck
9:00PM-9:45PM Tohbias Juniel w/ The Radio
9:15PM-9:45PM The GRO Project presents :: Soul Mechanics Krew { Bboy Showcase }
9:55PM-10:25PM Cora Vette's Burlesque and Boylesque Show
10:00PM-1:30AM Hitting Booth
10:30PM-11:30PM Ishe with Mirror Man
11:30PM-11:45PM Otone Brass Marching Band
11:45PM-12:30AM BLKHRTS
12:45AM-1:45AM The Foodchain

City Hall - 2nd Floor
Pop-Ups! Preying Mantis, Control Group Productions
Video Mapping "The Digital Mirrors" interactive visual installation
Art and Art Installations by Maximilian Shiffman, Beery

9:30PM-1:30AM Denver Craft Ninjas Hands-On Project
9:15PM-9:30PM Mad Maximilian and iEEEj
9:30PM-9:40PM Andrea Rose Contortionist
9:40PM-10:25PM DJ Marc Wei
10:25PM-10:35PM Mystery Brothers
10:35PM-10:50PM ManCub in the round
10:50PM-11:05PM Mad Maximilian and iEEEj
11:10PM-11:40PM Cacheflowe
11:40PM-11:55PM CacheFlowe with Yo Soy Sauce
12:00AM-12:15AM ManCub in the round
12:00AM-1:00AM Sven Jorgensen; Extreme Movement Meditation
12:15AM-1:30AM S.P.E.C.T.R.E.

City Hall Amphitheater
1st Floor Live Painting with Robin Munro
2nd Floor Live Street Art by Square

9:00 PM - 1:45AM MCA Denver presents Jessica Kreutter and Colorado Ice Sculptures
9:00PM-10:10PM Narky Stares x Peter Black (Analog Space Team)
9:30PM-9:45PM Rocky Mountain Roller Girls Flash Bout
10:10PM-10:20PM Xendra Fire Dancer
10:20PM-10:30PM Julio Bautista Aerialist
10:30PM-11:05PM The Dark City Glow Fashion Show
11:05PM-11:15pm Sven Jorgensen; Claustrophobic Conundrum Contemplation
11:15PM-12:15AM The Chain Gang of 1974
12:30AM-1:45AM Human Agency